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PubCon Austin, 2011 part 1

posted Mar 8, 2011, 8:53 PM by Andreas Voss   [ updated Mar 9, 2011, 8:16 AM ]
A good first day on March 8
Made some nice contacts across several companies at a pretty good Austin Pubcon. Not too large, not too small, some pretty good sessions today, so I am curious about what's to come tomorrow. Liked the affiliate sessions, they are... clever in a way most of us SEO don't dare to be. 

It was good to listen to them, getting some nice ideas. Same with the Small business - Michael Dorausch, Brian Combs, and the local seo with David Rodecker, Brian MacDonald, William Leake. Even the basic 'ecommerce seo' with Rob Snell was really good.

Linkbuilding session
The end of day panel session with Jay Young, Ben Cook, Michael Gray, Todd Malicoat was ok as well, the highlight for me here was when @graywolf mentioned that the reading difficulty level might be an element of the Google farmer update - I strongly believe it is, especially since it appeared both at a similar time and it would make a lot of sense to connect this.

Just one word to the location or organizers....

One of the real flaws of this pubcon - how to  get there. On the site was mainly the hotel, and there was a shuttle from the hotel to the location. But for everyone else... difficult to find, not known to cab drivers, not even visible from the street but hidden behind a Walmart and no signs further than 10 yards from the entrance.  Well, the norris center actually has a pretty good local place page!