Long Tail vs Competetive SEO

Long-tail success

Long-tail SEO focuses on utilizing very detailed, specific content. Several projects I managed yielded over 85% of traffic via organic listings in search engines.
Global networks I managed had an average of 60% to 70% visitors from organic positions on SERP, a necessity due to the limited SEM budgets.

New pages with long-tail SEO usually took 2-4 weeks to reach top 4 positions in SE.

Competetive SEO success

Even for competitive key phrases our sites ranked extremely well and increasingly better than our competitors, reaching results and traffic similar to 10-times larger competitors. Frequent high quality updates, constant improvement of usability and technology and innovative link strategies were some key elements to achieve these results.


SEO should be a central part of digital strategies from the very beginning. Some clients - internal or external - need SEO arguments when talking about change, investments, improvements, some are looking to increase conversion, reduce advertisement costs or increase usability. As all these align perfectly, SEO can serve as the basis for substantial support across the board to achieve compelling strategies, implementations and operations.