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The 3 steps of SEO - Search Engine Optimization

To achieve good #SEO and reach a top position on a search engine results page (SERP), several steps are necessary:

  • Getting indexed
  • Getting a good ranking
  • Getting viewed, used and linked to

First, since search engines need to be able to index a page, there are some technical requirements to follow.
Second, relevant content is important to achieve a good ranking. There are many indicators search engines use to evaluate the relevancy of content. Most prominent are location and frequency of key phrases, position of the page in the hierarchy and usage indicators like external links to the page.
Once a site is used and perhaps linked to, this further increases the existing ranking in the SERP.

Main elements of SEO

SEO has to cover these three areas:

  • Technical aspects
  • Content aspects
  • Linking

Technical aspects start with the domain and directory structure, include formatting of page elements and many other details.

Content is extremely important in several aspects. Content must be relevant to attract and satisfy customers. It must be structured and accessible, in a technical (speed!) and intellectual way. Users need to first read and then understand and act.

Once people see the relevance of the content, they start linking from directories, partners, fans, readers, and blogs, thereby increasing the credibility and relative importance of the site.

SEO and Usability

It is very fortunate having very capable people working for search engines and on the commissions writing the standards for HTML conventions on the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). As an indirect result, SEO aligns perfectly well with usability. This means that most technical and structural requirements for SEO are the same or very similar to usability best practice.

Take structuring a text as an example. Using headlines to separate sections of a longer text is very usable and helps readers to quickly access the text. When these headlines are formatted with H1, H2, H3 html tags, search engines will use this to evaluate the text. So when the headline uses an important phrase for the topic, this page will rank better than without this formatting.


SEO and SEM seem opposites, which can work together very effectively. At first it appears SEO should make SEM obsolete and enable companies to spare spending too much budget on SEM. And true, SEO is more sustainable than SEM as search engines will always try to find the most relevant content. Second, having that content will support SEM and increase the impact (Google Quality Score). Third, especially for competitive keywords, SEO and SEM need to be used together to maximize the impact and conversion rate.

SEO and Content Strategy

Content writing and content strategy - also named 'governance' - are intimately connected. SE (short for Search Engines) need to show users the most relevant pages for their searches. As Google has effectively shown, this very user-centered approach actually results in the highest economical success in the market. The rule 'content is king' is more important than it has ever been, and it is very likely to stay that way.

Timeliness and frequency of updates of content has influence on the SEO of content as has the reliability of a source (brand) and the quality of links to this content.

SEO and Conversion

The connection between SEO and conversion rates is very close, too. When users come from a search engine, they have certain expectations. Search engine optimized text will make it easy for a user to access the text and not leave to the SE immediately again. This aligns very well, especially when it is possible to integrate the Call-To-Action (conversion) into the content organically, thereby supporting the content.

There are many more elements, aspects and details in this field, but focusing on the customers needs and wants is the most essential and most relevant task.

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