10 step process for best ROI

To optimize results and minimize the cost of building websites and campaigns I use a defined process involving the following 10 steps:

  1. Idea and Concept
  2. Analysis of users needs (target group, personas, use cases) 
  3. Requirement definition
  4. Collecting and generating content 
  5. Wireframe (Breaking down to pages and positions)
  6. Layout draft
  7. Testing (user or expert)
  8. Implementation
  9. Testing (User, Browser, Use Cases, Scenarios)
  10. GoLive!
Post or during the process:
  1. Monitor / controlling 
  2. Enhance

Depending on project scope there are additional items to integrate or to detail, but these 10 steps will always be included in your web project.

I have defined processes for paid search and organic search SEO campaigns, market research, usability and implementations as well. And if it is a new process, I love to build one and have you benefit from it.